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Magnetic Shielding Material
Mu metal
Home / Mu metal / Annealing of Mu Metal – Vacuum or Hydrogen?
Annealing of Mu Metal – Vacuum or Hydrogen? October 23,2017.
Is it better to anneal Mu Metal in a vacuum or hydrogen furnace? This is a question we are often asked…

Pure Hydrogen heat treatment will always give better results as it is a true chemically reducing atmosphere and even removes impurities that are below the surface of the material, allowing the grain structure and therefore the magnetic domains to maximize.

All Mu Metal manufacturers will recommend Hydrogen over Vacuum for that reason. It is very difficult to give a value for the relative improvement since it depends on many factors, the most important being the level of vacuum achieved during the heat treatment. Vacuum is merely a description of the process and in practice vacuum heat treatment equipment may vary considerably in the actual vacuum achieved.

There are several other factors also of importance to consider, such as dew point, (ideally the whole heat treatment process should be with a dew point of at least -40 ℃) and Hydrogen’s ability to ensure a very efficient thermal transfer to the component, this is particularly important with high mass parts or parts with complicated shapes.

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