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Magnetic Shielding Material
Mu metal
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Applications of Mu Metal shields August 7,2017.
You may haven’t noticed but you’d be surprised if you realize how many items you’re using daily or you may encounter in your lifetime which have Mu Metal magnetic shields applied within them. As nowadays we’re living in a society that largely dependent on technology and electronic devices, it’s more and more important to shield the electromagnetic interference emitting from those various kinds of devices or protecting these sensitive electronic devices from outside forces.

* Have you ever been in medical facility? If yes, you were actually unknowingly surrounded by Mu Metal magnetic shields. From advanced MRI systems to small disposable parts, Mu Metal is in a broad spectrum of medical devices and accessories.
* Have you ever walked through a security scanner at the airport? You just walked through a Mu Metal magnetic shielding product.
* Have ever you navigated in your daily life with the help of GPS systems? Without magnetic shielding this technology couldn’t be so accurate.

These are just a few examples that we often come across in our daily life, there are more industries Mu Metal shielding can be applied to. Typical applications (include but not limited to):
* Medical Devices
* Aerospace
* Military
* Utilities
* Petroleum Exploration
* GPS Communications

If you require Mu Metal magnetic shielding as a part of any project you’re about to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us and inform us your magnetic or EMI shielding problem, we’ll come up with a best solution to your applications.

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