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Facts about Nickel October 23,2017.

Nickel is a hard, silvery-white metal whose strength, ductility and resistance to heat and corrosion make it extremely useful for the development of a wide variety of materials - from wires to coins to military equipment.

This extremely useful metal is No. 28 in the periodic table of the elements, between the elements cobalt and copper. It is a fairly good conductor of electricity and heat and is one of only four elements (cobalt, iron, nickel and gadolinium) that are ferromagnetic (magnetized easily) at room temperature. Nickel is a transition metal, meaning it has valence electrons in two shells instead of one, allowing it to form several different oxidation states.


• Atomic number: 28

• Atomic symbol: Ni

• Atomic weight (average mass of the atom): 58.6934

• Density: 8.912 grams per cubic centimeter

• Phase at room temperature: solid

• Melting point: 1455°C

• Boiling point: 2913°C

• Number of isotopes: 5 stable; 26 unstable

• Most common isotope: NI-58 (68.077 percent natural abundance)

Actually few things are made of pure nickel. Instead, nickel tends to play a supportive and stabilizing role in industry materials; it is usually combined with other metals to produce stronger, shinier and more durable products. Because of its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, nickel is the metal of choice for making superalloys - metal combos that are known for great strength as well as resistance to heat, corrosion and oxidation.

For us, the only application for nickel is to produce Mu Metal. Mu Metal is a soft magnetic alloy of approximately 80% nickel and 20% iron (and a dash of molybdenum). Mu Metal has very high permeability, which allows it to shield sensitive electronic equipment against static or low-frequency magnetic fields. If you place Mu Metal between a magnet and metal, the usual attraction actually disappears, that’s how our Mu Metal shielding parts work.

Also Nickel is an essential element for healthy plant life, and trace amounts are naturally found in most vegetables, fruits, nuts and in slightly greater amounts in chocolate and wine, according to the Nickel Institute.

However, like most metals, nickel has a dark side when too much enters the human body. When large amounts of nickel - which is a known carcinogenic - accumulate in the soil, air, or our food and water supply, there are risks of toxicity.

But the researchers also discovered an interesting fact: ingesting dietary curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice turmeric, was linked to a significant reduction in toxicity and oxidative stress.

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