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Magnetic Shielding Material
Mu metal
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Magnetic shielding July 22,2020.
Magnetic shielding is a viable option for our standard PMT because it provides a cost-effective way to block foreign radiation.

Permalloy is a kind of nickel ferromagnetic alloy, nickel content of about 80%, iron content of about 20%. It was invented in 1914 by Gustav Elmen, a physicist at Bell Telephone Labs, and is known for its high magnetic conductivity, which makes it a core material for electrical and electronic devices and as a magnetic shield inglisible for magnetic fields. Commercial Permalloy alloys typically have a relative magnetic conductivity of about 100,000, compared with thousands of ordinary steels.

In addition to the high magnetic conductivity, its other magnetic energy includes low-toughness, near-zero magnetic telescopic and significant anisotropic magnetic resistance. Low magnetic telescopic is essential for industrial applications, so it can be used in films where variable stresses can cause significant magnetic energy.

The resistivity of pomotalloys can vary by up to 5%, depending on strength and the direction of the magnetic field applied.

The disadvantage of Permalloy is that they are not malleable or practical, so by adding Permalloy as binders to our PMT applications, we have to add additional mu metals to process Permalloy with higher permeability.

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