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Magnetic Shielding Material
Mu metal
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Mu Metal Shielding Can April 22,2020.
Magnetic Shields is an expert in the manufacture and supply of Mu Metal Magnetic Shielding Can for transformers and other sensitive electronic components.

Our wide range of round and square-angled shielding cans provide effective protection against electromagnetic interference and radiation.

Magnetic Shielding Can are typically made of high magnetic conductivity MuMetal (ASTM A753 alloy 4) and provide excellent low-frequency magnetic field attenuation and low resilience.

Our well-equipped production sites are capable of producing large-capacity, deep-pull shielded cans, and our skilled technicians are able to manufacture smaller Magnetic Shielding Can in a variety of ways, including metal cyclones and traditional technologies.

All of our MuMetal magnetic shielding products are equipped with matching lids and custom hole configurations and are available under hydromagnetic annealing conditions to optimize final magnetic energy.

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