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Magnetic Shielding Material
Mu metal
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Mu Metal Shielding Redirects Radiations December 4,2017.
Emitted by all kinds of electronic devices, electromagnetic waves exist everywhere. But don’t worry, magnetic shielding helps to protect against these harmful radiations. Unlike our popular belief, magnetic shields actually can’t reduce or block magnetic fields, it works by redirecting the propagation of magnetic field lines so that magnetic flux flows through the walls of the shield itself, resulting in the by-passing of the enclosed area or object needing protection.

Obtained 80% nickel, 4.5% molybdenum and the balance iron, Mu Metal is one of the most commonly used alloys in electromagnetic shielding arena. With its unique compositions, Mu Metal has high permeability properties, which in turn lead to its high magnetic susceptibility to an applied magnetic field. This alloy can easily absorb the flow of magnetic fields because of its physical properties. EMI shielding engineers leverage this very property to redirect radiations away from areas they want to make free of EMI. Generally, a hollow structure is carved out of a Mu Metal sheet. This structure helps in surrounding the entire area to be shielded, subsequently creating a radiation-free field.

Magnetic shielding is needed in a wide range of applications from small components in your cell phone to huge shielded rooms like MuRooms. This expansive usage necessitates innovative designing for each shielding application. Mu Metal shields designing should ideally be aimed at optimizing the efficiency of the shield. A good quality shield never adopts too many sharp angles and joints. This might give you an impression that a spherical shape would be ideal for a magnetic shield, but it’s not the truth. Most of the time a cylindrical shield or a Mu Metal shielding can is used for better performance, and they are also quick and easy to manufacture.

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