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Magnetic Shielding Material
Mu metal
Home / Mu metal / The properties of the Moly Permalloy material
The properties of the Moly Permalloy material April 22,2020.
The Moly Permalloy has a high magnetic conductivity and is suitable for electromagnetic shielding.

Supermendur and Permendur have a high flux density and are suitable for transformers or chokes.

Alloy s48 (Nilo 48) and alloy 49 are nickel iron-controlled expansion alloys containing 48% nickel. The thermal expansion coefficient of alloy 48 (Nilo 48) is matched to the coefficient of thermal expansion of soft lead and sodium calcium glass; The alloy 48 can also be used for thermostats in industrial applications with temperatures up to 840 F (450 C).

Alloy 49 has a high magnetic conductivity, can be used for instrument transformers, magnetic shielding laminated iron core and electronic and communication equipment core, in low magnetization of very high magnetic conductivity can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of equipment. Due to its high magnetic conductivity, it has also been used in the solenoid core of a photosensitive relay, which must be able to operate and respond to weak currents that sense low magnetization forces.

MuMETAL ® has a very high initial penetration rate. It is only moderately resistant to moisture and atmospheric corrosion. Mu metals are used in transformer cores and are widely used to shield electrical components from magnetic fields.

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