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Nickel Grows from the Ground January 3,2017.
Recent reports stated that a lot of Mine Factory had been closed in Philippine, many of them are Nickel Mine factory which caused a rapid increasing of nickel price. In the meantime, people who are in need of Nickel material like us Mu Metal consumers get more and more worried. Actually, only a few mine factories get closed, not necessary to worry too much. Even all of them shut up, we have no need to afraid at all. Cause, today, the writer would teach you guys some very GREEN way get the nickel and without difficulty - To sort out the nickel in the earth by growing trees.

Mining by plant way is very suitable for Nickel mine. Last century, beginning of 80S, Rufus Chaney found that for the first time, some plants can absorb and gather some metal, the quantity is a lot higher than many other plants can gather. These plants are named “Super gathered plants”. Rufus Chaney is very interested in this. After many experiments in Lab and outdoor, the result shows that this way does work and the effect is very good.

Mining by planting, means planting some plant and let the plant gathers the mineral from the earth and then we refine out the mineral material. Some people might say why so trouble, just get it from the earth directly, that would be much better. Well, some times, the traditional way just doesn’t work, for example, when the earth contains too low percentage, lower than what the traditional way can handle. In this case, planting mining would be very good way.

The scientists have tested with plants, over 100kgs nickel material can be gathered from Alyssum on one hectare earth each year. Valued USD1500 around.

How to know a plant is suitable for mining?

The main applications for plant mining are:

1. Reclamation of closed traditional nickel mine factory. Applicable areas including the Mediterranean Sea, Indonesia, Philippines. The widely spread red nickel mine had already succeed. We can not only make the nickel, but also the plant can prevent the water and soil erosion.

2. In the area which spreads exceeded magnesium and aluminum earth, we can help them plant the nickel and recycle the nickel.

The simple way to know which plant is suitable for mining nickel is use the special test paper to check if the tree liquid contains nickel or not. Or with handheld X ray machine to measure the density of the nickel in the plant. Super gathered plants can be selected by experiments. The Sabah park in Malaysia is now the Research Station for super gathered plants, their main subject is Eco-physis, specially to theses special plants, to know their gathered nickel principle. Maybe one day, when they work out all these issues, the nickel price would decrease.


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